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White Bread

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Our company produces high quality Lebanese Bread (White, Brown, Fiber, Malt & etc.) and variety of Kaak.

We produce also variety of Western Bread such as Round Bread Buns, Long Bread, Sandwiches, Sliced Bread, and variety of Dinner Rolls with possibility of flavourings such as Sweet (Choco, Vanilla, Coconut), Nuts (Hazelnut, Walnut & Cashewnut), Fruits (Raspberries, Apricot) & Raisins (Sultanas, etc.).Vegetables (Tomato, Olives, Onions, Garlic), Spices & Herbs (Thyme, Rosemary, etc.). Most of our Recipes are done in collaboration with Artisan Bread factories in UK.

We will also expand our product range to include: Healthy Product Range (Sugar-Free, Salt-Free, Low Yeast, and Special Needs), Gluten-Free Product Range, and Kids Product Range (Flavoured Viennoiserie).

About Us

We love making bread, the same recipe our ancestors used but on latest “State of the art” machines. We produce Lebanese (Pita) bread of all types like white bread, brown bread, fiber bread, corn bread, malt bread and many other types of bread.

Our skilled bakers produce a wide range of fresh specialties daily: western buns, dinner buns, classic, seeded, fruit and vegetable loaves.

We source only natural ingredients locally when possible, we do not need any additives or preservatives as our production technics and ingredients help our product stay longer naturally.

If its bread we can make it, and yes the “Quality is in our recipe”.

From the Oven
From the oven


Our bread is made fresh every morning, and we want to offer our clients best level of service, our distribution network operates round the clock 365 days, and our customer service line operates 24 hours.

We value food safety, our production facility reflects that in every angel, and we are proud to be among few bakeries working on health standards and awareness certifications.